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Summary of Shinto

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Henry Shiu

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Japanese Traditions
Shintoism as a religion has no known founder, but its mysterious date backs to the ancient people
of Japan.
These people of Japan lived CLOSE TO NATURE.
Shinto reflects that reality in its worship of the spirit.
it has a vast number of deties many of which are specific to local communities.
The sun goddess Amaterasu has been promoted as the supreme deity since the late 1800s
It emphasizes the harmony with nature, sincerity and ritual purity.
The spirits called kami are worshipped which includes the spirits of
Departed family members
Distant ancestors from the same clan
Great leaders
Kami can be found in flowing water, rain, mountains, clouds, fire, earth and the wind, and also
some animals.
Izanagi and his wife Izanami
Can be seen in their creation of the islands and the primary elements of phenomenal world.
Izanami gives birth to the deity of fire and as a result suffers burns that lead to her death
Izanamis rage for Izanagi not freeing her causes her to say that shell make 1000 die a day,
and Izanagi counters that by saying hell make 1500 born each day
Amarterasu is born from izanagis left eye
Jimmu is the grandson of amarterasu the spirit of the sun, who was sent to brind order to the
Emperor Meiji
Came to throne in 1868
He began to deliberate process in bringing japan into the modern world
He imported European and American experts to build up the governmental, military and
educational systems
State Shinto is the official religion of Japan and follows the idea of praising spirits.
Makoto is a human character also known as sincerity
- its the idea that it must be pure, without any egotism,committed
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