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key terms on Hinduism

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Henry Shiu

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Why are human Religious?
Religion seems to grow out of human experience. From the fear of death to a hope of a new life, from the
uncertainty surrounding to the sense of control over nature provided by a priest.
Homo sapiens to homo religious
The nature of religious beliefs and practices changes over time. We must guard against the taking a
religion and place as a norm.
1 ) when Hindus go on a pilgrimage or visit a temple they seek an experience known as a
DHARSHANA. ( too see or to be seen by a particular god or guru)
2) Hindus believe in the importance of uttering prayers aloud.
3.) Hinduism and India are words delivered from Sind’. (name of a region, now- Pakistan)
4) When Hindus are asked about their religion they generally refer to particular caste.
5) Alternative term for hindunism = Santana dharma( eternal faith)
Dharmajustice, duty
1. The origin of Hindunism had grown from a fusion of the indu valley with the faith of Aryanas
( Indo-European people.)
The Harappa Culture(Indu Valley)
Inscription on carved seals - shows that they had a written language.
They are impressive builders. ( they lived in planned cities) the large swimming pool
great bath is a proof of that.
Some houses with fire altar. – suggest domestic fire rituals.
Statueslooks like a mother goddess and shiva. (icon in worshiping)
Another theme on the seals is that spirits emerging from a papal tree. ( Pipal tree has
been a part of hindu tradition.)
From seal – 7 holy men(rishis)
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