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RLGA01H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Emic And Etic, Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, Clarity

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David Perley
Study Guide

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RLGA01 – World Religions I
Fall 2015 – UTSC Quiz Study Guide
When and Where: Tuesday, October 20, 4 pm in AH112, from 4:10 p.m. 6
Part I: Multiple-Choice: 10 questions X 0.5 marks each = 5 marks total
The multiple-choice questions will be based on the Hindu and Buddhist
traditions lecture content (including content from Buddhism in Central,
South and Southeast Asia,” pp. 55-58).
Part II: Terms and Key Figures: Identify and Explain the signi?cance: 5 terms
X 3 marks each = 15 marks total
You will be asked to choose 5 terms from a list of 8. See the le “RLGA01:
Tips for Dening Terms-Key Figures” on Blackboard.
The 8 terms/names of key ?gures will be taken from the list below:
Müller Tylor Geertz “family
resemblance” de?nitions
emic etic the folk concept of religion samsara
syncretism dukkha Asoka nirvana Theravada
Grading Criteria for Terms:
3/3: complete identi?cation; student clearly articulates the term; student
relates the term to other concepts in the course; student provides a concrete
example (if applicable); student contrasts and compares the term,
demonstrating more than surface comprehension (see resource ?le Tips for
2.5/3: complete identi?cation; student clearly articulates the term; student
makes an attempt to
either relate the term to other concepts in the course or
provide a concrete example (if applicable) or an attempt at contrasting and
2/3: Some identi?cation and attempt at articulation of the term; relative
success with attempts at providing additional context; possible issues with
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