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Readings form Christianity

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David Perley

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Reading Christianity
Greek orthodox tradition:
Christ has two natures; devine and human
The byzantine church became a self governing religious community under the Ottoman
turks.Orthodox Christianity displayed a numbers of features could be described as
imperial. Involvement of emperors as Caesaropapism.
Christian orthodoxy is used to refer the form of Christianity carried from Byzantium to
eastern europe.Language played a huge importance in their success. Used local vernacular
instead of Greek which encouraged the development of different church.
Was spread in Russiam, Ukraine, Serbia, and Bulgeria, Romania.
Jesus prayer and venerations of icons.
The protestant Reformation:
Due to the pressure to change the Latin Church. Prince North of Alps challenged the power
of papacy in rome.Also influenced by rennessance.reformed by Martine Luther who opposed
the traditional church power and practices. Theological challenge to the church.
Reformed Christian understanding. Rejected expiation of sins by confessing and performing
acts of penance.redemtion has nothing to do with rituals of confession and penance.
Humans are justified by faith alone. There is no need for an intermediary between
Christians and God.
The followers of Martin Luthers theological and political leadership. Allowed the scope for
rational and intellectual argument in the exposition of scripture. Also encouraged deep
sense of personal piety. Priesthood was continued by clergy but they were allowed to marry.
In most of part of Germany and Scandinavia became a state religion. Church is known as
Evangelical Church.
Reformed as a royal policy which established king as the supreme head of the Church of
England. The king replaced the pope as the head of English church. In USA the tradition is
known as Episcopalian. Governed by the bishops.spreaded in British colonies such a
Australia ,India, Canada etc.
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