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RLGA02H3 Study Guide - Book Of Deuteronomy, Ketuvim, Book Of Leviticus

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David Perley

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The 10 Waves and Ancient Religion
Idea of Waves:
Illusion, misleading, making Shamanism the 1st one but it is still the practice in
Generalize the religion in whole
Wave: metaphor, come and go and then come back again, (think about water waves)
KEY Words:
Polytheism: multiple gods, used from one religion/perspective to talk about other
Myth: from traditional perspective , it is their own secret history; people frame
experience, how they see the world and provide the meanings to religious people
Pre-History: No evidence; refers to Ancient Religion
Text: (and literature) Ancient religion do have their own text; the idea of text is not
just written record, it can be oral (ex. Muhammad receiving commandments from
Death and After Life:
After life is great but not referred as a happy place to be for Judaism, Christianity
English word ‘Religion:
Translate different languages into English, but sometimes it cant help us fully
understand the real meaning
Character: when one tradition is talking about other tradition, it is the character
from their own perspective ; in this course, try not to generate characters; (avoid
doing so)
Judaism: Definition and Classification
Being Jewish

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Prophets- Moses
Interpretation with God in Hebrew Bible
God making actions (guiding people, sometimes fully determine the event)
Came from particular time (actively participating)
Frame the textbook/religion according to history roots
In the History, God also gives us spaces to make choices
East Tradition vs. West Tradition
We referring the religion to be EAST because it is the East of us
Picked up by European
Why Islam is the WEST?
Because historically, it is the founder of Christianity and development of Judaism
It is the logic, success way of express it
God reveals himself through 10 commandments and the Bible
To get the message across over period of time
(Why God keeps repeat the same message?)
Because human beings lost the message and it is a comeback of a new form of
expressing it
Seek to understand the will of God and try to act accordingly
Judaism/Being Jewish(no one singular person)
No single founder, no singular person
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