Lecture 03 Notes

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14 Jul 2011

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Lecture Slides:
The ruler of the Israel is considered the world of patriarchy (why?)
Father figure dominated and ruling.
Abraham try to represent the typical Jewish beliver, example of behaviour in the
contact; the best concret case of example of idea Jew following;
Abraham first has a son with Harger, name Ismale, then second with Sarah,
Sarah: try to have children; but failed, eventually had son Issac
He is an example of Monotheist as well
Stories were written down by 200CE
Isaacs son Jacob arrest an angel, meaning of his name: the one who struggles with
Jacob struggle, experience of resseling with angel comes with the name Israel
Name change: reflect to another person, also a representative of a group of people,
name is the same name of the group/tribes that are significant
Jacob also sees the stairway to heaven; its holy, key theme: moments in Hebrew
bible are considered to be the secret locations
(all?) Abrahams sons reflects to 12 tribes of Israel****************
who is he? How many siblings does he have? What are there names?
Joseph is the special child, jealousy siblings sent him to Egypt
He is very successful in Egypt, good friend with a king*******name??
The point of this story is that there are moments that God are participating
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