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RLGA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Glossolalia, Passover Seder, Gemara

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David Perley
Study Guide

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Terms For Final Exam
Term Lecture
Bar Mitzvah Son of the commandments, the title given to a 13 year old boy when he is initiated into
adult ritual responsibilities; some branches celebrate Bat Mitzvah for girls
Minyan The quorum of ten required for a prayer service in the synagogue
Seder Order-term used for the ritual Passover supper celebrated in the home; the 6 division of
the Mishnah are also called orders or seders
Gemarah Body of Aramaic commentary attached to the Hebrew text of the Mishnah, which
together makes up the Talmud (Jerusalem Talmud & Babylonian Talmud
Septuagint Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures, made in Alexandria in Hellenistic times
Tefillin Small black leather boxes, also termed phylacteries, containing words of scripture, tied
to the forehead and forearm by leather thongs.
Term Lecture
Eucharist Ritual reenactment of Jesus sacrifice of himself, patterned after his sharing of bread
and wine as his body and blood at the final Passover meal with his disciples
Orthodox Christians term it liturgy
Catholics (Mass)
Protestants (Lord’s supper or holy communion)
Fundamentalist A twentieth century reaction to modernity, originally among Protestants who
maintained the infallibility of scripture and doctrine.
Charismatic Characterized by spiritual gifts such as glossolalia
Glossolalia Speaking in tongues. A distinguishing feature of charismatic movements
Nicene Creed A statement of the content of the Christian faith. It is a formal statement of doctrinal
belief often recited in agreement by congregations.
Named for the council of Nicea in 325, achieved present form in 381
Puritanism A Calvinist-inspired movement (1558-1660) that sought to ‘purify the Church of
England of Catholic influences.
Transubstantiation The Catholic doctrine that in the Eucharistic service, the bread and wine are
miraculously transformed into the body and blood of Christ.
Original Sin The sinfulness, or tendency towards sin, supposedly innate in human beings as a
consequence of Adam’s fall
Term Lecture Textbook
Dhikr ‘Remembering ‘ God’s name
Chanted in Sufi devotional exercises, sometimes while
devotees dance in a circle
It is the idea of
remembering god
With the Sufis we are not
paying attention to the
divine and the fact that god
is responsible for
Hadith Body of texts reporting Muhammad’s words and
example, taken by Muslims as a foundation for conduct
and doctrine
relies on earlier biographical
material and used it with a grain
of salt
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