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Judaism-all lecture notes plus supplementary notes from the textbook for the quiz (got me a 4.0)

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Being a Jew can be an ethnically identified or religiously identified
Moses is a huge historical figure for Judaism
Religion of covenants and contracts between the people and God
Torah; divine commandment
oGenesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy
Three connotations are ambiguous
Hebrew bible is probably the only the common factor between all different forms of
Pentateuch is another name for the Torah
Prophets (Neviim) and Writings (Ketuvim)
Final and midterm, must know how the themes fit together
There are two creation stories
o1. cosmic: creation of order out of chaos
o2. Adam and Eve (tree of knowledge of good and evil)
Satan as the snake is only mentioned in the Islamic and Christian
faith, otherwise it is just a snake for the Jewish
Mortality is probably the greatest punishment for Eves temptation
Death is the eternal damnation and in many faiths seen as the
ultimate punishment
Preserving both due to ambiguity
Noah(commonality of flood myth in Mesopotamia)
oOne of the first patriarchs
oGod promised Noah, that this is the last catastrophic event he would ever
incur to wipe out the human race due to sinning
oConsidered a covenant as marked by God with a rainbow

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Sacred History
oMatriarchs and Patriarchs
Had to first believe in one God, the notion that there is only
one God is developed after
Covenant (circumcision) the pact made with God
Isaac Hebrew Lineage
Ishmael Arabs
2 key experiences
oBurning Bush
Contradiction to natural law
I am sent you
Orthodox Jews do not name God
Passover- Death of first-born sons Plague
oMt. Sinai
Set of tablets
10 commandments
Judaism Part II
January 19, 2010
History influenced the western religion
Drama of people trying to correctly receiving the message of God, the theme of many
of the biblical stories

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Theme of time and participation is common for all three traditions (Islam, Judaism
and Christianity)
Messiah- In Judaism, means military, religious figure that is known as a savior,
saves from unjust political situation, almost a local savior
No single founder
TNK (look at last week slides)
Last section of Hebrew bible, stories, hymns
Torah, Prophets and Writings, assembled in chronological order finished in around
200 BCE
The Jewish bible is not referred to as the old testament by the Jews, simply because
they dont have a new one as the Christians do with the story of Jesus
Cycle of reward and punishment, exile and return
oTheme of the Hebrew bible, being obedient and disobedient
oAlso with reward and punishment is the emphasis of future progeny
Presence of after life is nonexistent in the bible
The reward is your progeny not necessarily a heaven, you live through your children
God promises the land of Canaan to Abraham for worship of Him shown through
circumcision and sacrificial offering
Abraham has a mistress and a wife, Haggar and Sarah
Haggar has first son Ishmael, Sarah has second son Isaac
The son that Abraham is ready to sacrifice is different in Islamic and Jewish
tradition, Ishmael for Islamic and Isaac in Jewish
Jacob encounters an angel and sees a ladder up to the skies
Jacob struggles with an angel and changes his name is Israel
Israel means, one who struggles with God
Jacobs sons are the 12 tribes
Jacobs son Joseph is sold into slavery exodus story
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