RLGA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Tefillin, Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension, Mishnah

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Contents: exam format, material from quiz, marking criteria, key themes from class discussions, list of possible final exam terms and relevant. Identify and explain the significance of ten (10) of the following (5 marks each = Answer two (2) out of 3 provided (12 marks each = 24) Notes: be sure to work out your rough ideas on the blank side of pages. Note: none of the terms from previous quizzes will be on the final. Themes from short-essay questions might be revisited, but in a more global" and comparative context. See how our quiz themes match up with the 4 themes at the end of this document. Quiz terms: apocalypse, diaspora 3. menorah 4. Themes from short-essay questions: final exam questions will not focus on these themes but you can expect material from these topics to be relevant for your exam answers. The concept of the covenant and correlating themes (e. g. , reward/punishment; obedience/disobedience; freedom/slavery; homeland/exile)