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Radical Feminism – Week 3
- Radical feminism became a perspective that makes motherhood into a valuable
way of thinking and behaving.
- Nevertheless, it continued to criticize the traditional family as a prime source of
patriarchal oppression of women.
- Radical feminism condemns the violent aspects of heterosexuality in rape, sexual
assaults, sexual harassment, pornography, and sex trafficking of prostituted
women and girls.
- Expands the concept of patriarchy by defining it as a worldwide legal system of
subordination of women legitimated by medicine, religion, science, law, and other
societal institutions.
- The values embedded in these societal institutions favour men over women as a
group. Male qualities including objectivity, control, are valued more than
womanly qualities of empathy nurturance, and are often downplayed.
- Mens’ domination of women in racial, ethnic, and social groups gives the
patriarchal privilege so even if they feel subordinated by other men, they are able
to regain their control and exercise their ‘superiority towards females through
various forms including sexual and emotional exploitation.
- Because the western society encourages aggressiveness from men and sexualizing
females, most men are capable of violence against women, making the females
potential victims, with the common action being rape.
- The constant threat of rape, battering, and murder is a powerful means of keeping
women ‘in their place’. Men want to show who is in charge and rape, sexual
abuse, and murder are consequences of their power being threatened.
- The pervasive sexual objectification encourages mens use of women for their
own needs. Therefore, women are depicted as sex objects and their intellectual
and leadership capabilities disappear making them ‘meat’ for the men.
- Ecofeminism is the parallel between the objectification and rape of women with
the exploitation of animals and the Earth.
- Redstockings a group in 1969 was one of the founding womens liberation
groups. These women would spread vital knowledge of womens liberation
theory, and consciousness rising. The Redstocking manifesto might seem bizarre
to young women living in a society in which they have a great deal of freedom
and autonomy over their lives, however it is still applicable to women living in
patriarchal societies all over the world. Example: Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
I. Women are uniting to achieve their final liberation from male
II. Women are an oppressed class and their oppression affects every facet
of their lives. They are exploited as sex objects and are considered
inferior beings in a man’s life. Their humanity if denied and their
behaviour is enforced through the threat of physical violence. Because
they live so intimately with their abuser, they fail to see their personal
suffering as a political condition.
III. Male supremacy is the oldest form of domination, therefore all other
forms of exploitation and oppression such as racism and capitalism are
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