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17 Apr 2012

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The very beginning of the christianity took place in judaism. Anti-roman sentiment in the region, especially after the destruction of the second temple. The apocalyptic hope is really strong because christianity evolves from the apocalypse from judaism. Apocalypse is the absolute final thing, unveiling (revelation); idea of situation is so bad need radical solution. End time of apocalypse, is the beginning of new time. Apocalypse: desperate hope that someone is going to save us from the bad times. Idea of apocalyptic: the end is going happen soon because there is no time; which people must act according and seek forgiveness asap. Scholars and devotes of christianity observe the life jesus very differently. Why are there are four gospels: there are four different versions of jesus, there are four versions because there is no more of gospel being the dominant source of jesus.

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