RLGA02H3 : Christianity notes

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12 Apr 2011

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Jesus recruits 12 male disciplines most are fishermen: travels carpernaum working miracles and teaching how to apply. Jewish law to everyday life, and telling parables, many which point to impending apocalypse that will lead to new era of peace and righteousness calls kingdom of god: when he goes to jerusalem w/disciples for holy days around. In 1 account an angel tells women that god raised him from the dead. In other accounts he appears to the disciplines himself www. notesolution. com. Roman empire, church leaders made list of the writings they acknowledged as scripture : that standard list, or canon, of books and letters became known as the new testament, includes the gospels attributed to 4 of jesus disciples: matthew, Mark, luke and john: mark, mark"s account is simplest, shortest and likely the earliest of the four canonical gospels. starts with jesus birth and beginning of his mature ministry after his baptism by john the baptist.

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