SOCA03Y3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Internalized Racism, Thomas Theorem, Eurocentrism

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19 Feb 2020
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SOCA03Y3 Full Course Notes
SOCA03Y3 Full Course Notes
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Definition: minority: any definable category of people who are socially disadvantaged. Definition: race: a group of people who were physically and genetically distinguished from other groups. These differences were evident in skin colour, hair texture, and facial features: w. e. b. Du bois was one of the first to systematically review natural and social scientific research and conclude that the concept of race was not scientific. Argued that differences in health between american blacks and whites was the result of social, not biological. Internalized racism: occurs when members of a racial group assume the attributes associated with that racial classification and internalize them as part of their identities. Can result in identity confusion, whereby people are torn between wanting to belong on one hand, and wanting to embrace their differences from the majority on the other. Sociologists and race: sociologists prefer not to use the term race because: Lack of evidence that meaningful genetic differences exist between groups.