Week 8 Race and Ethnicity

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Race and Ethnicity The Field Defined - sociologists recognize that ethnicity & race are socially defined and do change they are acquired rather than ascribed characteristics - race category of ppl who have been singled out as inferiorsuperior (genetically) on the basis of physical characteristics such as skin color, hair color, texture & eye shape - racism to judge somebody as being genetically inferiorsuperior - migration, immigration = intermarriage - you find more genetic variation within a race than you do btwn races An ethnic group may be defined: - objectively by group language, culture, customs, national origin & ancestry, or - subjectively by the self-identification of group members - over 20 million Canadians report themselves as having a multiethnic origin - classifying humans into races is now regarded as arbitrary bc differences are trivial - however, racial groups are real in a sociological sense as ppl w diff skin color, etc are treated differently - racism disadvantageous treatment of certain groups whose members are distinguished by socially significant - ethnic traits include language, clothing, holidays, sense of community, membership at birth, geographyterritoriality - in Canada, we seer
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