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Sociological Theory and Theorists on mid-term exam

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Sociological Theory and Theorists Functionalism Durkheim theory of suicide is an example of functionalism, they incorporate 4 features: 1. Human behaviour is government by relativity stable social behaviours 2. Social structure maintain or under maintain social stability 3. Social structures are mainly based on shared values and beliefs, Durkheim think social solidarity as a sort of moral cement that binds people together 4. Re-establishing equilibrium can best solve social problems; ex. Establishing unions associations that binds workers together as a result of fewer or no strikes North American Functionalist Talcott Parsons (identifying how various institutions must work to ensure the smooth operation of society as a whole) Robert Merton (social structures may have different consequences for different groups of people) Manifest functions and Latent functions Dysfunctional consequences S.D.Clark (studies of Canadian social d
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