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Chapter 4 Socialization Wistle Blowers-connect with journalists, and trying to make a change Looking glass self: Juding other people are evaluating it is because they become aware that people are evaluating me and in a process develops who I am Meads Theory of the Self The I is the creative self and are able to look at the social forces and to be changed; also can reflect back on myself; the I means I can go; McCann reflects back on his performance and comes with a conclusion (how I can improve) Patterns of Socialization We all different from each other, always respond to socialization in a different way; some are easier to socialize than others, and also that sex difference do exist How so socialize people- we are following the same pattern: cross-cultural; culture are very in a degree which they stress the degree of responsibilities; *traditional society: the group, family is responsible; modern society-the individual; Cross-Cultural comparison- evacuate patterns, some cultures express more than others, this insures a significant difference; also address different social class; *working class-strict; middle class parent- friendly *- The Me is part of social self, the robot, the social self as in society as what expects Working class children are giving less opportunity to be creative, the empathises of working class children is following the rules; norms of dress, diet Extended family-grandparents, aunts, uncles; pattern of socialization is extended, in addiction to socializing the child and it is a minority, most is NUCLEAR Dominant family-nuclear family-children socialize differently, certain people to socialize Patterns within families: Birth Order- the elder children taking rules of Parents; Gender Siblings- Mixing of brothers and sisters (ex. Grow up in mostly males, you tend to be patriarch to women; *boys that grew up with all brothers, then tend to be patriarchal than boys grew up with sisters) Boys tend to be socialize differently than girls; a lot of socialization experiences shapes individuals www.notesolution.com
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