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Families, friendships circles, and work associations are examples: macrostructures are overarching patterns of social relations that lie outside and above a person"s circle of intimates and acquaintances. They include classes and power systems, such as patriarchy: patriarchy is the traditional system of economic and political inequality between women and men, global structures are patterns of social relations that lie outside and above the national level. It seems that relying on foreign aid and charity can do little to help solve the problem of world poverty: c. wright mills. Social imagination: the quality of mind that enables a person to see the connection between personal troubles and social structures. The social imagination is a recent addition to the human repertoire. Some philosophers wrote about society but their thinking was not sociological. They spent time sketching blueprints for the ideal society and urging people to follow those blueprints. They relied on speculation instead of evidence to reach conclusions about how society works.