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Sheldon Ungar

Suicide, Motor Vehicle Fatalities, and the Mass Media: Evidence toward a Theory of Suggestion: Key ideas this article presents: 1) Suggestion affects behaviour which was previously thought to be unaffected by it 2) Different types of publicized stories exert different types of effect 3) Publicized stories affect some types of people more than others Previous Study about Suicide correlated to main ideas of this article 1) National level of suicides increases significantly for a brief period after a suicide story is publicized by the newspapers 2) Increase only after suicide story is published 3) More publicity to story = increase in national suicide levels 4) Increase in suicides occur primarily in the geographic areas where the story is publicized - The Werther Effect: phenomenon that concluding that suicides increase after a publicized suicide story because some persons are imitating the publicized suicide Note: Skip ahead to the Main Idea for the sections explained in simpler terms (highly recommended!). The chart at the bottom summarizes a good chunk of the notes. Read the bottom section about theories! The Effect of Suggestion on Drivers in Motor Vehicle Accidents - Motor vehicle accidents linked to having a suicidal component - If so, they should behave like suicides and increase very noticeably just after publicized suicide stories Hypothesis: publicized suicide stories help to stimulate a brief increase in motor vehicle fatalities Method of Analysis - Technique used to detect increase of motor vehicle deaths: - Experimental Period: week following a suicide death consisting of fatalities during that period - Used Yukio Mishima, Japanese author committing suicide as example - ]KLo]}Z }K]ZZ }L}o]}Z[}K]LLL}Ko increases in deaths
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