SOCA01H3 Study Guide - Wilbert E. Moore, Kingsley Davis

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26 Nov 2010

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Stratification 1 j brym chapter 8 p. 227-259. S materialism: the attempt to satisfy needs by buying products or experiences. S purchasing power of families rose because economic productivity enhanced by improvements in zzzl . kl: recently avg earnings are increasing at a slower rate j demand for reduced taxes an issue. S economic prosperity and materialism are not equally shared. S a bunch of stats are listed following, but main idea is that rich people are getting more, poor are getting less income (before taxes though) S after tax income did not change as much too j rich people had slightly lower income and the others rose modestly, but the poor did not show the greatest rise in income. S during last decades, redistributive efforts declined j poor had lowest after tax income in. 2002, rich showed increase in after tax income. S the job a person holds plays a large role in the distribution of income.

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