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Sheldon Ungar

Violence - I]}oL ]LZ Z}}o]ZZLZ^Z]}Z_ o 65% females see issue as extremely serious, compared to just 40% o Males find violence in school most serious out of child abuse, teenage suicide, violence against women, crime, youth gangs, etc o Generally, the concern levels for females are significantly higher than those of males. - Teens were asked if they have a close friend who personally has encountered violence or has had depression or suicide-related experiences: o 510 led by females say they had a close friend who have been seriously depressed o 410 have a close friend who has attempted suicide In the above 2 cases, the levels for females exceed those for males o Almost 40% males and 25% females report to have a close friend who has been physically attacked at school. o Around 40% females and 25% males say a close friend has been physically abused at home o 310 females and just under 210 confide they have a close friend who has been sexually abused o 30% of males and 20% females say a close friend has been victim of gang violence Above findings should be not be interpreted as if say for eg. 310 females say they have a close friend who has sexually abused mean there are 310 females sexually abused. But these findings indicate the incidence of depression, suicide attempts, physical attacks and abuse is startling high o oL
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