Ch 7 of Ungar reader. No exit for wives.

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Sheldon Ungar

Ungar Ch. 7: No Exit for Wives: Sexual Division of Labour and the Cumulation of Household Demands $:22,7 L9OO2,N02470803809KL8Z, N Women always do more housework than guys, even when they work in the paid labour force N +:8-,38-,70O5:9L3,3time housework compared to their wives and their time does not increase by much even when their wife goes from being a house-wife to a full-time worker N Adaptive partnership theory: when both spouses work, they work together and divide up the work (false, d40839K,5503L39K070,O world) N Dependent labour theory: women are and have always been dependent on men, and so they will always continue to do the housework that 203439JL;09K02034:JK.70L9147 Abstract N Two conflicting arguments of the sexual division of household labour: o Adaptive partnership theory o Dependent labour theory N Workday and weekend time budgets of hundreds of married couples in Greater Vancouver are analyzed to choose the most adequate of the two arguments N Results are consistent with th09K047412,77L0Z420380503039O,-4:7 N Conduct of husbands remains insensitive to the cumulation of demands on the K4:80K4O41ZL;08025O420390[9030M4-K4:78,34:3J.KLO703 N Report will be concerned with the provision of detailed descriptive data and with the consistency of results in the analysis of several components of the problem N Components: 1. The conditions of participation in paid work 2. Length of the work week and impact on the distribution of work between couple 3. Composition of housework activities and the proportionate contributions of each spouse 4. Reflection of cumulating demands in the over-all time budgets of wives and husbands 5. Their relative share of the increasing costs in total and domestic labour time Contradictions N More women work for pay away from home
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