MSL nts. The Promise

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MSL text notes MAPPING READINGS #,* ,$%K0!742L80 C Wright Mills N Former professor of sociology at Colombia University N Is Critical of the U.S government and other social institutions where power is unfairly concentrated 805,7,9L3Jpersonal 974:-O0817425:-OL.L88:08Z0.,3-09907.42570K039K084:7.0841 and solutions to social problems We feel trapped, in the sense that we cannot overcome our troubles. The more aware we become of the ambitions and threats that transcend our immediate locales, the more trapped we seem to feel. Peoples roles, values and positions in society change with historical changes to a society. Wars, ,3:897L,OL],9L43,3L3;08920397,908,70,OO9KL3J89K,9L31O:03.0.K,3J08L35045O08.O,88,3 roles. Neither the life of an individual or the history of a society can be understood without understanding both. 207L.,30;0O45084.L09L08K,;01,.0,3,701,.L3J1,89-paced, drastic historical changes, the very shaping of history now out paces the ability of
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