Msl nts: dude you're a fag, instant karma, the atrophy of social life

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Mc Kinon

MAPPING READINGS #,*,$+&,389,39.,72, This section examines how the mainstreaming and commercialization of Indian culture has affected the identity of Asian Indians in the U.S.A. But is the culture being demystified? Or exploited? How first generation Indians identify ethnically is a contest between old and new ethnic labels. .,72,2,-0L389,39147207L.,38-:9147,3L,34:9K8L9L83499K0L7L039L9L8.43.7090 and consequential. Things like mehendi and bindis, and yoga lose their religious meanings when being taken up by the mainstream culture. Asian Indian youth balance stereotypes with traditions and negotiate between the Indian and American cultures to form their ethnic identities. They try to keep their ethnic identity as simple as possible to avoid mistaken identifications The American mainstream has a stereotypical idea of Asian Indians, and about what Indian Is. Yet they are not familiar with the non material concept of the culture (belief systems, values and social norms) Indian people are actually missing from this trend, it is only their material culture which is being commercialized, and which is being exposed to the mainstream. Although Indian fashions are in, it does not mean that the culture itself is accepted. Therefore Social consumption does not necessarily mean social acceptance. MAPPING READINGS READING TWENTY-,*+%!$ :0<4:70,,J This Reading expands on and challenges accounts of relationships between homophobia and masculinity. At River High fag is not only and identity that is linked to homosexual boys but to heterosexual boys as well. Homophobic harassment seems t be central to the formation of a gendered identity in boys. Being called a fag has more to do with being feminine or less masculine then it does with ones sexual orientation Fag cannot be masculine, even though a fag can be gay. Gay is to them an adjective used to describe everything, but fag is reserved just for boys. Fag is a fluid identity that boys continuously struggle to avoid Calling someone a fag is weapon with which to temporarily deny someone their masculinity by asserting your own It is a contest around which contest of masculinity take place
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