SOCA01H3 : Families Chapt 15

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7 Dec 2010

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Nuclear family consists of man and woman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child: there has been a decline of this family. Other sociologists (influenced by conflict and feminist theories: disagree with the functionalist assessment, 1st: they don"t think the family is of one form. Families have been structured in different ways, and forms have increased with new social pressures: 2nd. It doesn"t deteriorate individual life but has improved the way people live: they believe that economic and political reforms such as nationwide daycare system can eliminate the negative effects of single-parent households. Polygony- expands nuclear unit by adding one or more spouses (wives mostly). Permitted mostly in countries like africa and asia. (expands horizontally) Extended family- expands by adding another generation-one or more of the spouses parents. These used to be common throughout the world. The building block of polygony and extended family is the nuclear unit. www. notesolution. com.

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