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COMPASS ch.15: FAMILIES The Nuclear Family Comprises of a cohabiting man and woman who are in a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one child together Traditional Nuclear Family Is more narrow than above A nuclear family in which the wife works in the house without pay and the man works out side for paid wages The Nuclear familyis no longer the most widespread type of family in Canada. - It was in the 1940s and 1950s - Between 1950 and 1998 the amount of woman over 16 working increased from 25 to 58% - By 1990 80% of mothers with school aged children were in the labour force Walk the Line (2005) Film about the life of Johnny Cash, who was blamed by his father for his brother[s death, therefore he grew up in a dysfunctional family, but falls in love with June Carter, whose family was loving and kind to him. Functionalist Theory Feel like the decline of the nuclear family is disastrous, and that it leads to increased crime, drug use, and poverty and welfare dependency rates amongst Canadians Polygamy LZZL oK]o^Z}]}Loo_]L2K}Z}ZZ}ZZ}ZZ}o Not so common because it is expensive to support many wives and children The Extended Family LZZL oK]o^] oo_]L2L}Z2L]}L George Murdock Conducted famous study in the 1940s Concluded that the nuclear family is a distinct and strong functional group The nuclear family is based on marriage He defined marriage as a socially approved, long-term, sexual and economic reunion between a man and a woman, involving rights and obligations between family members (spouses and children) Functionalists believe that there are five main functions provided by nuclear families and marriages 1. Sexual Regulation Murdock says marriage makes social order possible by legitimating the intense human need for sexual activity However by year 2010 close to 85% of Canadians will approve of non marital sex. (Quebec being the most liberal) 2. Economic Cooperation Woman are gatherers men are hunters, Men work outside the home, women work inside, men are stronger than woman etc. This division of labour allows for maximum production 3. Reproduction Murdock says children are an investment in the future
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