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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 7- Social Stratification Some Principles of Stratification- Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore. Response by Melvin Tumin. Stratification is a functional necessity. Occurs because some social positions are more important to social system than others and such, some are values and rewarded differently. Tumin suggests that social stratification may be dysfunctional for society. Stratification-precisely requirement faced by any society of placing and motivating individuals in social structure. Rewards are built into position. Rights associated with position called accompaniments or perquisites-related to duties of position. The most important tasks in a society will be performed conscientiously by the most competent persons. Lecture Notes: Big Three of Stratification- access to valued resources. 1) Wealth 2) Prestige 3) Power Generally have 2 or 3 of them but usually we have 1. Judges, lawyers, and Quebec notaries make the most income In 2005 $99 305 median. Followed by specialist managers, professional occupations in health. Strata- class Traditional Society- immobile. Modern Society- mobile (able to move in hierarchy) Why do people make different incomes? Different occupations. Aka complex division of labour social differentiation Modern society more differentiated, 3500 occupations. Become established over time, explanation of income- natural talent, effort, and level of income. Mosca (1896)- studied social elites. The Ruling Class- inequality is inevitable bc of politics. It coordinates the society. Politics- causesestablishes inequality of opportunities and power. Coordinatedinteract- what goals we should strive for. Feathering your own rest- look after themselves. Michel- idea to explain inequality called Iron Law of Oligarchy- dictation of group of people running society, putting money in their own pockets. Pareto- people are self interested, applies to business, politics, and students in school. Ex. Maximize your interest by going to school (and talents).
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