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15 Dec 2010

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Chapter 10- Race and Ethnicity
At a Slaughterhouse Some Things Never Die- Charlie LeDuff pg. 361
Slaughterhouse in Tar Heel North Carolina called Smithfield Packing Company with racism of
racial stereotyping, verbal harassment, and threat of physical violence and death. Enforcing racial
hierarchy to maintain an economic advantage and social control over their employees.
Picnic line- 18 workers lined up on both sides of belt carving meat from bone.
Locker room and cafeteria self segregated. 4 bars in town, one for each skin tone, white, black,
red, and brown. Turnover is 100%, 5000 quit, 5000 hired.
Coyote- person who collects the money.
Lecture Notes:
Resources and power distributed by race and ethnicity.
Race- socially contructed. Used to distinguish people with one or more markers, usually with
profound effects on their lives. Race matters, allows social inequality to be created and
Racism- represents prejudice and discrimination. Racism is:certain groups are genetically
superior than other groups.
Biological Race- race is a category of people who have been singled out as inferior or superior
often based on physical characteristics such as skin colour, hair, etc.
Problems with Race: tremendous variations ex) obama.
People are genetically mixed. In japan, people are more biologically similar than different.
Emigration- foreign country to Canada to USA.
Populations segregate, more ethnic conflicts.
Hollywood showed racial equality.
Institutional Racism- laws passed showing inequality, created isolation of groups, found in South
Africa, they came fully with ideology with inferiority inequality.
Systemic Racism- selecting based on size ex) police and firefighters
Superordinate- group on top
Subordinate- group on bottom, ex. Lazy people. This creates stereotypes being embedded into
Using race as scapegoat- disadvantaged person for others to blame for their own problems.
Canada allows to state ethnic background, USA- racial background
Race is physical. Ethnicity is cultural (customs, values,etc.) achievement orientated.
Prejudice- judges groups real or imagined characteristics.
Social Power- distributed based on ethnicity.
Porters Theory- “immigrants came into the country with an entry group status 1970s people
found problem with it..
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