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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Chapter 15- Families Mommy Tax- Ann Crittenden pg. 605 Unencumbered- free of all ties. Committed to work. Wife and husband with combined income of $81500 per year, losing 1.35 million if they have a child. Ex. 30 000 + 15 000= ~600 000 Leviticus, God instructs Moses to tell Israelites..1930s, Full time women only 60% of mens earning.1993, 0.77 cents per dollar men. 45% of workers had to work overtime with no notice. Invisible Inequality- Social Class and Childbearing in Black Families and White Families Annette Lareau pg. 611. How social class affects parenting styles among white and black families. Interviewed 32 children aged 8-10 and most of their parents to learn the types of skills parents transmit to their children. Both races of middle class, tend to conform to cultural logic of childrearing she calls concerted cultivation- enrolling children in numerous age specific organized activities that dominate family life and create enormous labor, particularly for mothers. View it as transmitting important life skills to children. Produce entitlement in children. P
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