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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Spousal Abuse-Lecture 6
Spending less time together, more individualistic lifestyle. Eg)video games, internet. Able to entertain
People use their purchasing power for themselves. Less commitment, obligation. It has gradually eroded
and become more about ourselves. Individualism on the rise.
Romantic Love
Independent women- Birth control pills- women control fertility. Its a female decision. Women entering
labour force about 50% now.
Gap- husband and wife whos going to have the primary career. Typically its men. Women will become
more of the housewife.
Dual Career Couples- most likely will do 50/50 housework. They both work and have good paying jobs.
Also more likely to get divorced. Sometimes sharing leads to divorce.
Have to spend more time on intimacy and trust. People lack time and energy on doing so. Passion doesnt
need to be worked on, its already there.
Negative stigma is gone from divorce. Divorce is easier legally.
Divorce is common among young people because of romantic love is intense and it falls quickly. Younger
people with financial hardship more than older.
SES- socioeconomic status. Lower ses are more likely to get divorced. SES relates to social status,
measured by income.
Shotgun marriage- daughter becomes pregnant, father gets shotgun and goes to boyfriend and forces
Alcohol and substance abuse- most dangerous drug is alcohol, more than heroin and cocaine. They looked
at damage to self and others.
Stratification- ch 7
Traditional society are immobile- people dont move. Versus modern society-mobile
Some people are born into wealthy family. They have an immediate advantage.
Politics cause inequality of opportunities. Why do people make different amount of money? Complex
division of labour/ social differentiation-different occupations. Modern society more differentiated(more
parts) 3500 recognized occupations and they make different incomes. These become established over
time. Explanation of income is natural talent, effort, and level of income.
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