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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

-Caste- found in traditional societies. No movementmobility. Closed societies- move from lower levels to higher. By persons success. By way of a scripted characteristics Todays society is more open. Stereotype- the inferior group get negative judgment. Superior groups get positive prejudged stereotype. Social evaluation- decides how much of it you get. Success gets you positive social evaluation because its achieved. Eg) education, market place (depends on how good you are in business) niche (piece of the market you can do well in), athletics, entertainment, the arts Open- based on achievement. Treat people individually Traditional evaluate people by ascription. No society or is it ever based on ascription only or education. Infant mortality more in working class. Dont do as well in school and dont do well in reading (various factors could be parents dont read) Class does have an impact. The consequences on social class, quality of lifelife chances. Happiness depends on class. Low education, low prestige, low income, have higher mortality also might suffer from mental disorders. White collar jobs have more control than blue collar jobs. Lower classes have more health problems because lack of knowledge, interest. When they less control of their lives, they believe their lives based on fate. Tend to be more overweight, alcohol use. Middle and upper classes are more concerned about their lives and make their lives last longer. Have more health sensitivities. Privatized- social isolation Get confidence from education www.notesolution.com
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