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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

th Sociology Terms-September 14 , 2010-09-18 Suicide and Durkheim Constrained: forced, compelled, or obliged Stiff or unnatural; uneasy or embarrassed Sub cultures: The cultural values and behavioural patterns distinctive of a particular group in a society. A group having social, economic, ethnic, or other traits distinctive enough to distinguish it from others within the same culture or society Mechanical solidarity: Social cohesiveness that is based on shared activities, beliefs, and experiences and is characteristic of simple traditional societies Organic solidarity: Social cohesiveness that is based on division of labour and interdependence and is characteristic of complex, industrial societies. Conscience collective: It is the consciousness of an individual when thinking about the collectively. AND OR It is the consciousness of the collectively itself, as an abstract living entity. Some kind of middle point to which we can all refer Blitzkrieg A swift intensive military attack, esp. using tanks supported by aircraft, designed to defeat the opposition quickly Moral absolutes The ethical view that certain actions are absolutely right or wrong, regardless of other contexts such as their consequences or the intentions behind them Moral relativism www.notesolution.com
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