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Sociology Exam Review

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Sheldon Ungar

Solutions Society and the IndividualSolutions to problem of orderSocializationSanctions ForceExchange EmotionPavel Trofimovich Morozov A Soviet youth glorified by Soviet propaganda as a martyr His story dated to 1932 is that of a 13year old boy who denounced his father who was executed by authoritiesPavel was in turn killed by his family It was a Soviet morality taleloyalty to the state was a higher virtue than family love His story was a subject of compulsory reading songs plays a symphonic poem a fulllength opera and six biographies The cult had a huge impact on the moral norms of generations of children Socialization used to socialize with kids play w emotionsA lot of socializtion isnt just about ideas but a link to emotions2 statements society is the product of human activityWe are its creatorsindividuals are the product of societyongoing processas CreatorsRobinson CrusoeGilligans IslandBritish sailor shipwrecked creates his own society meets a native then they create a societyrules not long termwouldve been helpful if one was a femeale to procereateCreationFish on Friday limited to one day bc they didnt have refrigeration a fish caught on tues wont be good on fri stinks fish is easily spoiled than meatA rule to have fish on Friday institutionalized part of religion and till find reasons for it After a few years laterm ppl dont remember when and why they were createdImbed that wiwth traits that were forced arbiturary at one time will be institutionalized part of lifeSmoke police unneccessary in socity can be arrestedAlpha element dominant Ther partner waits for daysNot typically you can be in toruble for riding a bike then the green police look through a presons gatbgappl cajt contool spills mub Were always recreating it if we dont it will stop being recyceld Individuals as Products of Societysocietal metaphor Are there cultural universalsYesbut not very specificIncest tabooViolence in the groupFunerals ie MourningEmerging ones human tightsIncest all societeis limiting on who one can have sexual actiify with various from society to society various wehre the limnimts are Relationship with the same people faling facl Death true mourn for one yearNormal purning parentchild 3 days off anyone else one daycapatilism 13 dayForced labor put all males to the swords alienite them in bibleLoving ppl and also killing anf scie ri chrits Virtually all social practices are relative Larceny incest infanticide parricideeverything has at some time been accounted a virtuous actionBlaise Pascal Virtually every socail practice killin Humn soiocets are very diferemt
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