SOCA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Leonardo Dicaprio, Arlie Russell Hochschild, Social Cue

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11 Dec 2015

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Blm: understand: jackson and adele are driving to a new friend"s house for dinner and become lost along the way. Blm: understand: since cheryl moved from canada to scotland for doctoral work, she and her best friend janet chat online once per week, to keep up with each other"s news. What are they engaging in: norms, emotion labour, emotion management d. social interaction. Chapter 5: social interaction: which of the following subjects that structure our patterns of interaction do feminist sociologists focus on, emotional maturity b, gender, occupation roles. Blm: remember: adam, the class clown, entertains his classmates with imitations of the teacher and the principal at their school almost every day. According to the text, what is he doing: playing a role, practising for his future, honing his skill set, breaking rank with authorities. Blm: understand: kahlil holds the door open for another university student, who is following closely behind him and carrying a large stack of books.