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18 Aug 2012

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Sociologists call all the ideas, practices, and material objects that people create to deal with real-life problems: When nomar garciaparra of major league baseball developed the practice of pulling at his gloves and kicking the dirt with the toes of his cleats before swinging the bat, he invented a/n ____ practice. Answer (cid:160) abstracted (cid:160) cultural (cid:160) normal (cid:160) methodological (cid:160) sociological. Sociologists say that culture is shared because it is: Answer (cid:160) private (cid:160) communicated through signs (cid:160) communicated through language and learning (cid:160) transmitted only among those interested in culture (cid:160) all of these choices. According to sociologists, culture enables people to ____ and thrive in their environments. Answer (cid:160) have total control (cid:160) shape (cid:160) review (cid:160) culture (cid:160) adapt. Human survival was based on the capacity to create general ideas or ways of thinking that are not linked to specific or particular instances. Answer (cid:160) abstractions (cid:160) culture (cid:160) norms (cid:160) methods (cid:160) sociology.