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TEST BANKCONTROL PANELPOOL MANAGERPOOL CANVASPool Canvas Add modify and remove questions Select a question type from the Add Question dropdown list and click Go to add questions Use Creation Settings to establish which default options such as feedback and images are available for question creationCalculated FormulaAddCreation SettingsNameChapter 19Health and MedicineDescriptionInstructionsModifyAdd Question HereQuestion 1Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionThe Black DeathAnswer originated in Asia spread along trade routes to China and Russia killed a third of Europes population still ranks as the most devastating catastrophe in human history all of these choicesAdd Question HereQuestion 2Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionThe only people to have much luck in avoiding the Black Plague in Europe wereAnswer Pope Clemens VI who sat between two fires to breathe pure air the well to do who could afford to flee the cities for the country the Jews all of these choices none of these choicesAdd Question HereQuestion 3Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionCommon remedies in medieval times includedAnswer herbs hot baths bloodletting all of these choices none of these choicesAdd Question HereQuestion 4Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionThe leading cause of death in the US in 2001 wasAnswer heart disease accidents suicide violence Alzheimers diseaseAdd Question HereQuestion 5Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionOne of the great shortcomings of modern medicine is its emphasis onAnswer high tech cures preventative measures environmental measures superstition none of these choicesAdd Question HereQuestion 6Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionAccording to the World Health Organizationis the ability of an individual to achieve his or her potential and to respond positively to the challenges of the environmentAnswer health life medicine illness life spanAdd Question HereQuestion 7Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionThe oldestknown person with proof of age a woman who died at age 122 was fromAnswer China Japan USA France ItalyAdd Question HereQuestion 8Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionAccounting for the difference between the maximum average human lifespan and life expectancy is one of the main tasks of the sociologist ofAnswer life health medicine life expectancy none of these choicesAdd Question HereQuestion 9Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionAmericans are being deprived ofyears of life due to avoidable social causesAnswer 4 5 6 7 8Add Question HereQuestion 10Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionSocial causes have aimpact on illness and deathAnswer negligible unknown big variable big and variableAdd Question HereQuestion 11Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionThe social causes of illness and death includeAnswer human environmental factors lifestyle factors factors related to the public health factors related to the health care systems all of these choicesAdd Question HereQuestion 12Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionWhich of these is NOT one of the chief lifestyle factors associated with poor health and premature death in the USAnswer smoking cigarettes alcohol and drugs poor diet social isolation none of these choices They are ALL listed by Brym and Lie as chief factorsAdd Question HereQuestion 13Multiple Choice0 pointsModifyRemoveQuestionTheis composed of a nations clinics hospitals and other facilities for ensuring health and treating illness
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