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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Social Stratification Money is fungible and it has liquidity Money as a medium of exchange Practitioner = professional Ontario college of physicians and surgeons (OCPS) Iron law of oligarchy Lord action: “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Sherly crowe Bond and bob celdoe Political system or social complexity is the reason for inequality  Modern society has more identifiable parts (separate institutions, economy, law, religion, criminal justice, physical labour)  Differentiation – describes social complexity  Modern society is highly differentiated as traditional societies are more equal  Elaborate division of labour gives wide opportunities associated with inequality o Some professions make more than others  White collar = professional occupations  Teachers make more money than postal workers and once postal workers make more, teachers will try to get the government to restore o Occupational inequality is distort Physicians are no longer at the top anymore because dentists make more money than physicians do now  Easier to get into chiropractic college than medical school, but make less money? Physicians have most prestige and people admiring them  Professions are occupations that will justify income inequality o Longer training process means more important to society (legitimacy argument) o When equality occurs in society, people will try to justify it (legitimacy argument) o Legitimations are explanations for social inequality o We deserve to be wealthy because we are superior people (natural superiority means we should have more than you peasants) Explanations of income inequality  Talent is not equally distributed depending on where you got raised  Degree of effort  Level of education  Social capital (people you know- don’t underestimate this- social networks operate everywhere)  Cultural capital  Education is critical and is related to class background  Human capital – university degree is something you can sell on the labour market (skills, knowledge)  Delegitimize – they got the job by fraud, bribery etc.  People accept the unequal distributions Mosca – an elite theorist italian  Wealthy and run the show have prestige (ruling clas)  Argues that inequality is inevitable (can’t get rid of it)  Modern complicated societies in politics coordinates society, plans and makes decisions on how social activity is coordinates which leads to inequality of power o People making decisions have more power in w.e political organization because of leadership and followers o Power differences are inevitable then wealth differences and material differences are also inevitable o Have to have leaders who have more power and will exercise self interest (do what’s good for me) o Those with more power will use it to exploit others o Critics called him a sinnic? and reactionary (people will use political office to their own advantage) o Reac
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