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SOCA01H3 Study Guide - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Windex, Anger Management

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Sociology Lecture 10: Stratification Continued…
Attitude formation
Working class authoritarianism adorno
Distinct set of political ideas that center around prejudice, discrimination and a closed world
view based on conspiratorialism conspiracy
o Belief that society is run by a conspiracy of forces
o Prejudice and discrimination rooted in xenophobia (fear of the outsider people who
are different from us)
o Absence of cognitive complexity: world is divided into forces of good and evil (light and
o The cadal
o F scale
Xenophobia: Quebec ranks highest
French culture sees itself as being under threat as it is surrounded by English speakers in Canada
and the U.S
Symbolic interactionists deviance is socially constructed including health
o Bad health is a form of deviance
o Deviance is subjective
Mental Health: dependent on non scientific forces, labeled different behaviors as mental illness
Past: deviant behavior was labeled as evil, corrupt
o Was punished by law, clergy, religious people, family, community
o Moral problem upon deviant (wicked/wayward)
Medicalization: turning deviance into a medical problem
Moral aspects removed and relabeled
If someone is a drug addict or an alcoholic, person is treated in a detoxification centre
o Moral dimension is gone
Person prone to range has an anger management problem hot head in the past
o Get medicated
Someone who overeats gets therapy or surgery to feel full after eating a small meal because stomache is
stapled - lose hundreds of pounds

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Would be called a glutton
Given methadone to treat heroin addiction
o Medicalization of deviance replaced moral aspects
o Redfined what is bad as sickness
o Medical and psychiatric establishments
o Past: responsible for our own deviance, today people are not held responsible for
deviance because deviance is assumed to be involuntary
Seven Deadly Sins:
How does psychiatry and medicine get control of our lives?
Interest groups have been able to influence what gets labeled and delabelled
o Not based on science, but other considerations
o Before 1974, homosexuality was considered to be a psychiatric disorder for more than a century
o Diagnostic and statistic manual of mental disorders (DSM) produced by psychiatrists where
mental disorders are listed
o Homosexuality was found here in the past
o Label dropped after 1974 because condition was more widespread than ever before
making it more visible
o Gay and lesbian activist groups tried to get rid of stigma associated with homosexuality
and lobbied make presentations before psychiatric groups when revising the DSM
o Didn’t have evidence that homosexuality was a mental disorder, so psychiatrists
dropped it from DSM
1978 Neuroces was a mental disorder, but dropped
o Mother with neuroces was cleaning leaves on an apple tree in the back yard with windex and
o Obsessed about cleanliness
o Concerned about security check windows and doors 500 times before sleeping to see
if they’re locked
o DSM got rid of neuroces as a mental disorder
o Freudian: psychotherapy
Psychoanalysts: people who practice Freudian psychotherapy
When heard DSM was going to drop Neuroces loss of business, threatened to
sue American psychiatrist association, so they backed down
Nothing to do with science, but cultural forces
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