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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

08/07/2012 SOCA01: Lecture 12 – Race and Ethnicity Cont’d… Head tax certificate You shouldn’t have a physical appearance like majority…  Irish – catholic christians  Western history had conflict between catholic Christians and protestant Christians  Toronto was called orange Toronto meaning protestant Toronto in 1920s – 1930s  Irish experience sever discrimination o Invisible minority o “help wanted – no irish men may apply” signs on store doors  Canals, rail roads, bridges o Chinese are visible minority o Overt/open discrimination o Head tax certificate – had to pay to come from china to Canada which was abolished in 1940s based on physical and ethnic traits  Majority group is advantaged in terms of rights, resources, wealth  Not advantaged in rights because pierre Elliot trudeau constitution prevents inequality as related to rights o Except in 1 circumstance: minority group with special rights under Canadian law  Minority has rights in hunting, fishing and trapping o Aboriginal people can hunt any time they want o Not limited by quotas (amount they can hunt) o Supposed to have fewer rights than majority, but minority in Canada has more rights than majority group Percentage with below-average Canadian income table  If you’re born abroad and come from Africa and you’re a first generation immigrant o 65% have below avg income  80% have above avg income for Africans – 2 generation born in Canada is 20% below avg  Supposed to be a disadvantage for minorities, but their income is not as bad Types of ethnic and racial group relations  Highest form of intolerance is genocide  Pluralism is multiculturalism – more tolerance than in societies that stress assimilation  Assimilation – groups disappear  America may be more multicultural than Canada who used assimilate  Assimilation has least intolerance The theory of internal colonialism  Aboriginal people face problem of segregation on reserves where there’s no economic growth  Should they abandon reserves and culture associated with it or should they stay  When on reserves enjoy more education, live longer, healthier, more income  Whistle blowers within aboriginals write anonymous letters stating how money is spent  Chiefs make big money in Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces o Should be more responsible accounting when looking at how government money is spent  Intentional extermination of… o Deliberate policy to massacre thousands of abor
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