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Educationchapter 17
Education system has replaced organized religion as main purveyor of formal
Education around 100 years old
Education system also is 2nd in importance to family
300 years agomost we illiterate
100 years agomajority never attended school
1950only 10% of worlds countries had system if compulsory mass education
Today: more than half of the developing countries are illiterate, while in Canada,
education is a way of life
Watson + crick
oDecoded DNA
oDouble helixled to creation of genetic engineering countries
2. theoretical approaches to education
1. Functionalism
oAchievementsoutcomes assigned in proportion to individual success in
satisfying job-relevant tests of capacity) instead of Ascription outcomes
assigned to circumstances traits
2. Conflict perspective
oClaim the following
Economic barriers: prevent people from going on to post secondary
Schooling reproduces difference in cultural capital and thus preserves
class difference (promotes inequality)
Many jobs require academic credentials that are questionable as job
skills are effective at
Education achievement
oIs learning or skill than an individual acquires and at least in principle it is
what grades reflect
Education attainment
oIs number of years of schooling completed, or for higher levels, certificates
and degrees earned
In tribal societies: info knowledge is transmitted through family and tribe
Knowledge societyAs they become more scientific and technological (more
complex) the division of labour increases and school and formal education becomes
more important. The family cant provide you with the information you need to
operate in this type of society
Primary school stat with: the 3 Rs
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