SOCA02H3 Final: Sociology final exam notes (M)

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4 Oct 2016

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Feminist theory, emotions, and the building blocks of social. Interaction (laughing) example: a researcher and his assistants eavesdropped on 1200 conversations of people laughing in public places, for ex. in shopping malls. They recorded who laughed, (the speaker, the listener or both) and the gender of the speaker and the listener. They concluded that men are more likely than women to engage in long monologues and interrupt others while talking and women laugh more than men do in everyday conservations. Men also do not like asking for helping because it implies a reduction in their authority. Social interaction: involves communication among people acting and reacting to one another, either face to face, or via computer: feminist sociologists are sensitive to gender differences in social interaction, feminists see that gender often structures interaction patterns. Status: refers to a recognized social position an individual can occupy: ex.