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Ch. 24 Who Rules America MSL American upper class must exist as a set of interrelated social institutions o Patterned ways of organizing lives of its members from infancy to old age Upper class persists with littler change over several generations Four different types of empirical studies establish the existence of an interrelated set of social institutions, organizations, and social activities o Historical case studies, quantitative studies of biographical directories, open-ended surveys of knowledgeable observers, and interview studies with members of the upper middle and upper classes Children of upper class gain special representation from kindergarten. They go to private elementary school, private high school, and go to Ivey universities or private universities (they probably dont even get to see public schools) Randall Collins schools teach vocabulary & infection, styles of dress, aesthetic tastes, values and manners Upper class children attend summer camps, take on different languages, have a tutor, take travel tours, and broaden their prospective and social skills Boarding schools become surrogate families create an upper-class subculture o Different use of language - principals are head masters, students are forms not grades o Wear uniforms o Building of character o Highly effective socializing agent that sociologist Erving Goffman calls total institutions their isolated from the world and follow routines and traditions o With all the distinctive behaviour, they are made to feel behaviour The children go on in usually business related fields (finance, corporate law firms) Social clubs: Play a major role in differentiating upper class people from regular society Baltzell the clubs are probably replacing the brotherhood and clan that used to exist; places the adult members in hierarchy Ex: downtown mens club, yacht club,
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