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30 Mar 2017

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300,000 polish jews fled to russia before nazi genocide in poland, remaining 3,000,000 were killed in various ways (forced labour, shot, gassed) 9% of polish jews (out of 3. 3 million) survived wwii. A bureaucracy has a permanent, salaried staff of qualified experts and written goals, rules, and procedures. Nature of groups and bureaucracies, not just blind hatred, made it possible for nazis to brutally kill innocent people. Most commonly think individual motives prompt our actions. We often make rational calculations to maximize gains and minimize losses, also deeply held emotions partly govern our behaviour. Analysis based exclusively on individual motives has limitations, should also consider social collectives (networks, groups, bureaucratic organizations, whole societies) that shape our actions. Research shows, on average, takes no more than 6 acquaintances to get letter to complete stranger across country, suggesting we live in small world.

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