SOCA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Groupthink, Ex-Gay Movement, Friedrich Engels

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10 Apr 2014

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Amongst other things, he collected and measured human skulls: after some experiments, he concluded that the people with the biggest skulls and thus bigger brains were those that were highest in social hierarchy i. e. whites of european origin, second were asians, and at the very lowest were native north americans and blacks, since morton used science to show that native north americans and blacks naturally rested at the bottom of social hierarchy, it was used to justify two of the most oppressive forms of domination and injustice: colonization and slavery. The stereotype of blacks being unintelligent yet superior in sports are simply untrue: sociologists have identified certain social conditions leading to high levels of participation in sports (as well as entertainment and crime) but they operate on groups of people, regardless of race, specifically, people who"ve faced widespread prejudice and discrimination enter sports, entertainment, and crime for lack of other ways to improve social and economic position.

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