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Bianca Dahl

Sociology Lecture 1 Notes Kalpana K Race & Ethnicity Jan 6, 2014 Race: a social construct used to distinguish people in terms of one or more physical markers, usually with profound effects on their lives ● Race matters because it allows social inequality to be created and perpetuated ● Race can be used to make a person or a group a scapegoat, which is a disadvantaged person or category of people that others blame for their own problems ● Race is to physical/embodied (what we see on our bodies) markers as the ethnicity to cultural markers (cultural practices, etc) Ethnic group: Compromised of people whole perceived cultural markers are deemed socially significant ● Ethnic groups differ from one another in terms of language, religion, customs, values, ancestors, etc. Ethnic and Racial Labels: Imposition versus Choice: The social construction of race and ethnicity does not mean that everyone can always choose their racial or ethnic identity freely Ethnic and Racial Choice in Canada: Those with most freedom to choose are white European Canadians, whose ancestors arrives in Canada more than two generations ago Symbolic ethnicity: Nostalgic allegiance to culture of immigrant generation,
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