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Lecture 5 SOME DEFINITIONSy POLITYTHE INSTITUTIONALIZED SYSTEM BY WHICH SOCIETY DISTRIBUTES POWER SETS THE AGENDA FOR SOCIETY AND HENCE MAKES DECISIONS IN THAT REGARD Politythe system by which society distributes power set the agenda schedule for society and hence makes decisions in that regardPOWERTHE ABILITY TO ACHIEVE DESIRED GOALS DESPITE RESISTANCE A FORMAL ORGANIZATION THAT DIRECTS THE POLITICAL LIFE OF SOCIETYGOVERNMENT AUTHORITYPOWER WHICH PEOPLE ACCEPT SEE AS JUSTIFIED RATHER THAN COERCED y Max Weber classical sociologistspecialized in many thingspolitics was one of them Well look at his theories on power legitimacy and authorityy With politicsyou think of power first But there is some disagreement on what power is exactly but every society rests on power Sometimes power is also called coerciony Legitimacybefore this we have to talk about authorityIn our private spheres of life democracy takes more and more of our freedom awayex government gets us health carethe state then tells people how to live Dont ride your motorcycle without a helmet o The state becomes a nanny statemany studies done on riding bicycles with and without helpmentsno difference seens The direction of nanny state is to get more and more into our lives o Also seen in Toronto Public Schoolshave bean sprouts and other things on the menu that nobody wants to eat The green stuff is being resisted by kids and they go to Mc Donalds instead Its becoming increasing normal for governments to tell us to do more and more things thy Before the start of the 20 C there wasnt even any income tax They told us that it wasnt permanent but politicians always say that taxes arent permanent but theyre always there to stay y Weber says that power can become legitimized and then comes authority in democracies people usually accept their form of governmentthe power to coerce held by the statethis power is seen as being justified Its hard for a complex society like ours to work without some consensus on legitimacySyriathat government doesnt have legitimacy People here are ready to die to get ity Authority is power that people see as justified NOT coerce You go along with it Its morally correct or justified Sometimes we say that when we legitimize power we institutionalize it Power is institutionalized when norms and statuses of social organizations govern its use y In Canada the govt cannot use power or coercion when it wants but it can use it under special occasions like declaring a state of emergencyPierre Trudeau gave emergency powers to use force y 3 states when Weber says power is legitimized his thinking on authority o Traditional Authorityis the norm in tribal and fedaul societiesinvolves rulers inheriting authority through family or clan ties o Legalrational authorityIs typical of modern societies and derives from respect for the law which people generally believe are rational the rest of the society will generally accept their right to use power y When states lack legitimacythey have total powertotalitarianismex Soviet Union a totalitarianismstate had total power and people can resist ended up with 25 million people dead ultimately collapsed because it lacked legitimacy
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