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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

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Lecture 4 y The Great Transformationthe ideal of craftsmanship gets lost called the school of work relationcan explain why you might have the negative reaction to jobs that you might be doingyour parttime jobs will probably not be stimulating y Capitalism destroys the idea of craftsmenship y Artisan is a craftsmenin the middleages they formed guillesy Peasants worked the filedsthey were smalltime farmers however even that kind of work offered more variety and creativity than a lot of modern work y Karl Marx says its natural to find creative nature in worky Species being is what human nature is all about we human beings cannot be without work because without work you dont survive Its natural for us to find creativity in work nautrally curiousto achieve selffulfilmenty To achieve selffulfillment in the factory system wasnt possibleit was denied Occupational control was much more for craftsmen over factory workers Their work had variety Doing the same thing over and over again there is an absence of varietywork alienation o Peasants harvested crops made own tools built own homeseven peasants were generalists they will advertise for generalistsomeone that can do a much of different things antonym specialist y Human beings now work more than ever 180 holidays a yearthen protestants came around and got rid of the Catholic faith and their holidays for saints A term for early factory workers o Urban proletariat working class they worked 80 hours a week Terrible working conditions There was filth everywhere diseases When people first move from the rural ares to citiesthere were no antibiotics excrements thrown on streets Eventually used as fertilizers y Elements of Ideal of craftsmanship made up of o First made up of intrinsic gratification Work should be performed for the gratification it providesMarx in his humanistic phasewrote about humancentric problem For its own sake o Marxs humanistic phase there is a relationship between what the person creates o TOTAL concentration in the jobEx McKinnon was writing and was sitting for 8 hours straight with no recollection of the time passedTime flies when youre busypreoccupiedINTRINSIC GRATIFICATION o Extrinsic gratification when people work for reasons external to the actual process work gives moneyincome money gives security work gives you prestige when people know what you do they admire you work can give you power over other people Slide 9compare good jobs and bad jobscombines extrinsic and intrinsic reasonshigher
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