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Mapping: Everything you need to know for the Midterm

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Mc Kinon

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Interpersonal dynamics in a simulated prision summary Basically college students 11 from Stanford were chosen to be participants, 5 randomly chosen as prisioners and 6 guards - chose emotionally stable people mentally and physically to stay in simulated prision for one month were arrested and searched and photographed lieka real prision three meals a day three visits a week, and given few rules of how their role should be carried out - - no hitting allowed - this simulated prision was created to examine what causes hostility in jails didnt reli have a hypothesis going into it but still tested that disposition hypothesis: the negative behaviour and aggressive behaviour in jails is caused by the actual aggressive prisioners themselves and the institution of the jail litself- guards how they treat prisioners- de humanizing - THIS EXPERIMENT PROVED THAT INDEED IT SOCIAL STRUCTURES AND THE WAY THE JAIL INSTITUION WAS SO IMPERSONAL calling the prisioners by number, giving yelling orders, swearing at prisioners ( even in the mock prision) created a hostile environment where prisioners felt degraded, worthless and angry - Many experimentees had mental br
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