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Sheldon Ungar

SOCIO Notes Lecture Jenna Davis LEC Technology and Global Environment SLIDE 6Yellowstone national park usawas the first national park in the world Co2 now seen as a pollutant yet plants cannot grow without co2Acid rain clean air acts came as a result of this so2 combined the whole science is uncertain but the movement has been adept at pushing forward the enivro movement Sociology develops an interest because it involves humansGreen Peace members will sometimes attack Japanese oiling ships sierra clubEnvironmentalism is global Globalisation has evolved out of this movement Romantic movement loved green fields natural not cement simple rural life not complex urban lifeGlobal warming global standardsCopenhagen conference wanted to establish binding legal obligations with co2 emission the Co2 limits impose limits on economical development Ecohouse reminds us that this world is our home and that everything in our home is interrelated ie people in america get hooked on hamburger thanks to mcdonalds creates a demand for beef then there is a big ranching business in latin america Costa rica and Brazil rangegrasslands get these by clearing forests but forests are critical for the earths atmosphere so hamburgers or love of it have global consequences cuz the globe is an ecosystem Independence and interrelatednessTechnological evolution we all started out as hunter gatherers in bands 2025 people no impact on the environment cuz they were not farmers they gather stuff hunt meat so their impact was negligible Intermediate stage horticultural societiesfarming this begins to have an impact on the environment began in Iraniraq around that area Farming is preconditioned for towns pastoralism taming animals Oxes horses dogs cats have all been domesticated we also have agricultural societies using animal drawn plows Rousseauthe noble savage they exploited the environment as much as they could actually its only that they went as far as their technology could take them Faowlthen came the industrial revolution we get engines and we get fossil fuel the D word is Drillingthe ultimate sin been by and large abandoned urbanisation dams used for hydroelectric power fossil fuel coal natural gas and petroleumwe become a throwaway society buy things then chuck them out also called conspicuous consumption goes along with conspicuous waste They focus on capitalism bad as it leads to the degradation of envrio communism major pollutants churnogula plant that blew upRivers in eastern germany Earth is resilient Exxon Valdez ship ran around and dumped millions of tons of oil and there was a cleanup and the area recoveredCassandraDonella Meadows 1 rate of pop growth 2 amount of arable land 3 Industrial and food production 4 pollutants releasedMesanthropic environmentalists dont like people because they over populate the planet st Projects to end of 21 1 rapidly consuming nonrenewable SLIDE 7
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