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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCAO2 LECTURE 2 19012012GlobalizationIndicators of globalizationMarshall Mcloan known as an expert scholar that gave us the term global villageParochial having a narrow or limited outlookPeter wrote a book called the world we have lostrefers to Middle ages in the England the small town village Independent variablesCommunications Global cultureEconomic activityPolitical institutions The earth is headed towards a simple symbolic cultureGlobal communicationsTransportation technology how has it evolvedLandHumans first evolved in Africa and then migrated across the globe HorseshipPierre Burton1905 primitive air craftCharles linberg crossed the atlantic Amelia airheart flew to the atlanticZepelinHidenbergthe individual associated with balloon production The jet engine was created by world war 2 nd Sonarradar were also developed during the 2 world war nd Television was created in the 2 world warCommunications technologyThey use runners to communicateMachu PichuMarathon was an ancient greek cityInformation is not moved by foot but by animalPony expressThe movement of information is tied to the movement of peopleSemaphore communication communication by flagsinvented by Claude Chappe Napolean was a brilliant military commanderused semaphoreMorse code translator written in JavaMovement of information is tied to the information of peopleThey called the first radios wirelessinformation cannot be transmitted by radiowaveFirst transmissions made by morse codeAlexander gramebell allowed voice messages without wiresTechnology moves gradually
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