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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCA02Lecture 3 260112Critical conceptsProductivity lean production how much you produce for every hourHow productive farming has becomerelated to wealthAdam Smith one of the first economists prices are determined by supplydemandlow supply high demand high prices Example Staples raw materials timber minerals oil fishThe division of labour increases specializationthe more work tasks the greater the labourSpecialization is enormousCanada used to be in its early days We have become a service economynot all service jobs are good jobs some dont pay that wellarent that prestigeModern economies are service sectorselite sectorsAgricultural revolution began about 10 000 years agoIndustrial revolution began 250 years ago th Postindustrial revolution service industry dominates the economy took place in the 20 centuryOntario has become deindustrializedmore of a service economyAs industries move away the jobs that those industries w thth England became an economic world power its 5 or 6 nowBy the early 1800s factory production produced more wealth About 4 of the workforce is in agricultureUrbanization increasesmoney becomes a medium of exchangeMarkets develop for products servicescommodities labour market if you have a set of skills that are in high demandthere is a shortage of supply you can ask for money Urbanization of work is transformedPeasants used to work for lordsbased on trustloyaltyToday employers pay for a set amount of workemployers determine how that work is doneWorkers used to be independent but they lost control of the workplace because it became standards of efficiency When employees are no longer in need of wage labour the employee disappearsThe lord had to feed peasants if there was a famineThe division of labour is narrowedcaused by efficiencyAssembly line work narrow division of labourwork alienation repetitive dullboringCanadas industrialization was behind England started itbehind America began in 1950 when Canada was a colony Canada was an example of dependency thesisCanada was a premarket economyfactory horrid working conditionsIndustrialization in central Canada1885 CPRLots of Irish were involved in this progress 22 of the Canadian labour force is in agriculture th By 1900 Canada ranked 7 in the world in industrial outputWorker exploitation Skill craft workers controlled the conditions of their work they hired an apprenticeCraft gills Productivity has increased enormouslyWorker resistant go on strike change jobs fail to show upWorkers who resist technological change are called ludditsNed Ludd brought in new technology that replaced workerIndustrial relations learn labour lawhelp manage the relationship between the companyworkers Diem basis The division of labour produces work alienationEdmund braverman
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